Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1-Part 1

I rarely watch TV these days, but there is one TV show I follow (and watch on Youtube) and that is Asia’s Next Top Model. The girls are nice, a show that is competitive in nature yet the girls remain friends. Some fans say the judges are mean, though in my opinion, they are not really that mean except for one which I am not so sure of. I am quite please with the show and I rarely disagree with the judges.


Most of the Filipino bloggers are making their wish list on who should be the next Miss Universe Philippines (of course, so close to the crown and we want it this year already!). I would not follow the trend yet, though I had a handful number of ladies that I like and might be featured soon on this blog. So for the meantime, I am doing this post.

I am bit late to do these, but here are my thoughts so far from Episodes 1-7. The Photos are not mine. Check this page for update: Asia’s Next Top Model

This might be long. Sorry. Click the Episode will redirect you to Youtube

Episode 1 

Introduction by Nadya made me feel so excited.  I would say the girls are pretty and I would like to name some: Sofia, Aastha, Monica and Kate.  In Runway Challenge, the girls that I liked are Jessica, Aastha and the challenge winner, Trang. I like Trang’s hair and Filantropi’s unique name.

The girls seem so nice. I admire Trang for sharing her price with the girls. I admit that if I were her, it will be all mine (yeah, I sound so selfish, hehe;P).

Helena’s photo as top photo is well deserved though for me, I choose Stephanie as best photo.

Helena Chan of Hongkong winning the Best Photo (Left) and Stephanie Retuya of the Philippines as the runner up.

 I would say that some girls look stiff, like Sofia. Trang is good, but she is not that quirky.

Sofia Wakabayashi of Japan (Left) and Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang (Right)
Sofia Wakabayashi of Japan (Left) and Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang of Vietnam (Right)

Others need to be more quirky like Jee and Filantropi

Jee Choi of Korea (Left) and   Filantropi Witoko of Indonesia (Right)
Jee Choi of Korea (Left) and Filantropi Witoko of Indonesia (Right)

As for the worst, I agree with the judges as they chose Kyla to be eliminated.

Kyla Tan Rong Ying of Singapore is the first one to say good bye

Best Photo: Helena

Bottom 2: Melissa and Kyla

Eliminated: Kyla


Episode 2

Surprises. One is, Stephany is already a mom. With her physique fit for modeling, who would have thought that?

Stephanie at Episode 5

 Second is, too bad to see Monica go home. The only thing I could thank for is no one was eliminated, since Stephany was in the bottom two. If Monica and Rachel was in roll call, both of them will be called somewhere in the middle because their photos are not bad. Jee could be the girl eliminated in that week.

Monica Benjaratjarunun of Thailand (Left) and Rachel Erasmus of India (Right)
Monica Benjaratjarunun of Thailand (Left) and Rachel Erasmus of India (Right)

 Best photo, no doubt is Aastha.

Aastha Pokharel of Nepal
Aastha Pokharel of Nepal

 Worst photo for me is Melissa and she should have been in Bottom 2 instead of Stephany.

Stepahnie (Left) and Melissa Th'ng Mei Ling of Malaysia (Right)
Stepahnie (Left) and Melissa Th’ng Mei Ling of Malaysia (Right)

Best Photo: Aastha

Bottom 2: Jee and Stephanie

Eliminated: No one, but Monica has to go and quit for some reasons.


Episode 3

Makeovers! My favorites, in no particular order:

Helena Chan of Hong Kong

suits her confident attitude
suits her confident attitude

Jessica Amornkuldilok of Thailand

Chic. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn

Stephanie Retuya of the Philippines


Jee Choi of Korea

I feel like I want a red hair too like hers!

Rachel Erasmus of India

Gorgeous. Reminds me of Halle Berry
Gorgeous. Reminds me of Halle Berry

Aastha Pokharel of Nepal

Pretty. I am convinced Nepal is a land of pretty girls

Nadya was right with Aastha’s look, it looks better than her. And did we relate to her when she had to say good bye to her long locks? I like it when Nadya said frankly “No, you’re not ok”. This scene reminded me the times whenever I try to hide my emotion to my friends and they will tell me, “No, you’re not ok” and will hug me.

Best photo is no doubt Helena. Stephany and Rachel also did well.

second time around, for best photo
Stephanie as Runner up
Stephanie as Runner up
Rachel’s best photo

Melissa’s photo create the illusion of floating, not bad. Jee’s horns look freaky for me, but of course she did well.

Melissa does it fine this time
Good job, Jee!
Good job, Jee!

The rest gave ok-ish photos. Picking the worst will be harder, since I have Filantropi, Trang and Bei Si. At the end, Bei Si was out which one fan thought was ironic: Chinese Zodiac and the Chinese girl in the competition was eliminated.

03Bei Si03

Best Photo: Helena

Bottom 2; Aastha and Bei Si

Eliminated: Bei Si


Episode 4

Joey exudes sexiness! I think Helena really did well though in the photo shoot, she overdo it. One lesson to learn: Focus and just do the very best you can. Don’t go overboard on thinking to be on top.

 Jason Godfrey, the sexy host in Miss Earth 2011, is one attractive man. The girls where little bit shy around him.  Some of the girls may be of European descent, but the shy nature and less aggressive attitude is a mark of an Asian girl.

Best photo for me is Aastha.

Aastha as the Runner up for Best Photo
Aastha as the Runner up for Best Photo

Worst photo for me is Filantropi.

Eliminated along with Jee
Eliminated along with Jee

Best Photo: Sofia


Bottom 2 and Eliminated: Filantropi and Jee

her last week’s performance didn’t save her.

For Part 2, click here: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1-Part 2

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